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In 2014 a WordPress optimization plugin was created that introduced several new innovations to achieve a Google PageSpeed 100 score. In specific, it provided an async script capture solution to automatically proxify external scripts and stylesheets, an issue that was otherwise almost impossible to solve.

The name of the plugin was Above The Fold Optimization.

The plugin started as a quickly setup boilerplate plugin and based on user feedback it became more mature over time. It grew to 20.000 users.

In 2016 a short-link was placed in the browser console. It received over 218,000 clicks from developers.

PageSpeed.PRO started two new innovation projects: ŵš.com (2017) and Advanced Optimization (2018). The Advanced Optimization project was later reformatted to Style.Tools FEO. demo

As part of the Advanced Optimization project in 2018, a demo environment was created to prove the plugin's ability to deliver results for SEO.

The demo was a success. Within just 1 year the website was visited from 230 countries and the website is currently visited from 174 countries per week on average. The website ranks #1 in Google globally for premium search terms and has maintained the rankings for 2 years.

International traffic 2020

Visit demo:


As part of the Style.Tools FEO project in 2019, a crowd-sourced test-environment was created to test the real-world performance of $async, an async CSS loader.

CSS-ART.COM is an open source art gallery for pure CSS web art.

The test-environment helped to discover a CSS parser bug in Google Chrome.